Thursday, 31 October 2013

October book favourites

Hello my lovely readers so if you didn't know already i am a huge book nerd and love curling up on my bed with a good read. So i though it be a good idea to start sharing my favorites each month with you. Also let me know if you would be interested in in depth book reviews on certain titles. So enough with the rambling here are my October favorites.

Dark places by Gillian flynn
 This book had me on the edge all the way through (i literally could not stop turning the pages). It is a mixture of a crime thriller and the good old fashion mystery "who done it" that i adore. the story revolves around the Day family massacre of 1985 on the quiet family farm. what makes it so shocking is that the odd fifteen year old brother Ben was convicted for the murders and put behind bars. Thanks to the only survivor of the family/youngest sister Libby day giving evidence in court at the tender age of seven. I love the way this story switches between Libby's and Ben's point of view. With libby's accounts set in the present day as she confronts her past and trys to uncover the mystery of what really happened, is what she thought she saw the truth? and Ben's accounts with the events of 1985 leading up to the massacre. This story definitely kept me guessing and thinking and also covers topics such as growing up, not fitting in, love, family etc that we can all relate to and makes this so much more then just your average crime book. A lot of people know Gillian Flynn for her recent hit gone girl but i preferred this book hands down.

Casual vacancy by j.k Rowling
I am still in the middle of reading this book but i have been enjoying it so far so though i should include it. Obviously a lot of people would of heard of this book as this is j.k Rowling first post harry potter novel. This novel is a great image of British town life, that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to. This satire/brilliant story is set in the small idyllic town of pagford and looks at the lives of the citizens living in boundaries from the rich and the poor,teachers and students and the parents and their children all crammed into one postcode. As a sociology student myself this looked at topics i have covered but also was extremely interesting. J.k Rowling is a beautiful story teller and makes you believe in these characters and their lives and their separate story's overlap beautifully covering such a large amount of issues and content.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel pitcher
This book i found in the teen section of the book store as i was looking for a easier read. But this book is in no way easy and boring. It is in the form of letters from Zoe Collins(the protagonists made up name) to a U.S criminal on death row who she feels she can relate to and confides in, with her deepest and darkest of secrets. One of the main themes of the story is looking at guilt which i thought was original for a teen story, of course their is romance thrown in as well. If you are a younger reader this book might be one of the best out of the three mentioned.

I hope you liked this idea for a post and next time you fancy a read these might be an option!
lots of love



  1. OMG! You made these books sound so great. I think I'll be adding the first one to my "To-Read" list(I keep a list of books I want to read on semester breaks b/c I don't have time to read during school). I'm currently reading Gone by Jonathan Kellerman, it's a murder-mystery. It's got a slow start but I think you may enjoy it.

    1. Ooo sounds good I'll definitely be reading that! Thanks xx

  2. Iv'e heard so much about Gillian Flynn's books! they sound so good! I desperately want to read them all now! ahh my reading list just seems to be getting longer and longer! :P xx

    1. Ah I love them! My list is super long too xx


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