Posted on: Thursday, 12 February 2015

Collective haul: Curly Hair,fashion and Skincare

So recently i have spent quite a large amount! Everything From a thermal turban to a lush fresh face mask. So I thought I would share everything with you guys in one big collective haul.

Product Links
Tights - Topshop - £3
Teddy bear robe - New Look - £14.99
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie - curly emporium - £12.99
Shea moisture co wash cleanser - curly emporium - £13.99
Shea moisture dry scalp elixir - curly emporium - £10.99
kinky curly knot today - curly emporium - £12.95
kinky curly stellar strands - curly emporium - £14.95
cordless thermal turban wrap - curly emporium - £21.99
Dark and lovely au naturelle anti shrinkage 10 in 1 styles gelee - curly emporium - £0.99
Extra large satin bonnet - curly emporium - £3.49
Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask - Lush - £6.50
Grease lightning spot treatment - Lush - £6.40
Mint julips lip scrub - Lush - £5.50
zoeva rose golden complete eye brush set - Love makeup uk - £56.95
La Roche Posay Effaclar system - Boots - £24.37
OGX Moroccan argon oil conditioner - Boots - £4.66
Lee Stafford Oil infused comb - Boots - £4.99
Original source tea tree and mint shower gel - Boots - £1


Posted on: Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Glitter Fix

Sparkle and Fade jumper-Urban Outfitters
Burgundy Skater Skirt-Primark
Vagabond Dioon shoes-Office


Posted on: Wednesday, 28 January 2015

OOTD: kimono and sparkles

kimono-Monki sale
Skirt-Topshop Sale
Vagabond dioon shoes-Office


Self Image 2015

(click to watch video)
Inspired by many fellow creators annual self image videos i decided to create this three minute snippet of me right now at the start of this new year. i know its a bit different to my usual content and maybe borderline pretentious but im sure future me will appreciate looking back at this.

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas 2014

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas this year. Christmas can be hard sometimes when things in your life aren't the way you imagined. Whether you're like me and battling mental health problems or its the first Christmas without a family member. Often the media shoves products down are throats every year telling us it will bring happiness but the truth is it was the little things that made me smile this year. Making a gingerbread house with my sister, seeing my dog luna so happy, the smell of hot chocolate, fairy lights, eating dinner with my family and having my dad take time of work. Let me know what little things made you smile this christmas!

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas

Its nearly christmas so for those of you who havn't got round to christmas shopping here is some last minute inspiration. These are a few of my favorite things that i think would make perfect gifts for your friends and family.

buying clothes and shoes for someone else can be tricky as sizes vary from shop to shop and the last thing you want is to be offended or simply disappointed. So my go to gift when it comes to clothing are one size fits all items such as these harem pants!(hippy pants or whatever you call them). There super comfy perfect for lounging around the house,yoga, sleeping in or a effortless daytime look. They come in all different colours and patterns so theirs something for everyone. Usually you can find them in markets,independent stores or sites like Ebay.

Another gift for fashion lovers are books such as Alexa Chung's It, Featuring style inspiration from films,tv and music and lots of photography. There  simply perfect coffee table material. Also don't forget Fashion magazines make good gifts too especially the more special biannual editorial style magazines such as my personal favourite Love magazine.

Whether their book lovers or you think they should be. Books make perfect gifts. I would recommend the penguin English library series featuring hundreds of paperback/clothbound classics with beautiful  illustrations. The spines look beautiful when collected. Classic's are a great idea if you don't have a specific book in mind. Don't forget to sign your name/date and maybe a little message so they can't forget who introduced them to there new favourite.

Diaries are also a perfect idea as people like to start in the new year. Mine is by paperblanks.

If you have time, a handmade scrapbook would be a great sentimental gift especially for family. you can feature your own photos and messages and also save some money if your short.

Little Box of gifts
A idea i have used in the past for my sister, is a shoebox of goodies featuring lots of little things such as her favourite sweets, beauty bits and bath bombs from Lush . I think jewellery would be a great addition such as rings from shop dixi or other online jewelry sites  Delilah dust etc. EOS lip balm and hair scrunchies would be perfect too.

Music and TV 
These days most people download music and use spotify etc but i think physical music copies are still speacil especilly from your favourite band. i have several vinyl records on my christmas list this year and im sure others do too. If you want to be super cheesy you could even make them a mixtape!

Again people often watch tv online/ through netflix but i think tv boxsets still make a perfect gift. Game of thrones is a personal favourite of mine.

If your friends and family are into art then you can't go wrong with art supplies. new Pencils or paintbrushes etc would definitely put a smile on their face. I would recommend this easy to customize portable wooden easel/case for supplies, you can find at your local art shop or online. Art books are also an option whether its an artists complete painting collection or 50 contemporary artists you should know.

I hope this gave you some last minute ideas and i wish you all a merry Christmas


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